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Creative Arts Development Program

This free arts program focus is to utilize artists' skills to provide an outlet for at risk youth to express themselves through the arts. Our mission is to provide a therapeutic outlet for the youth through visual arts. While teaching them beneficial skills that will aid in securing opportunities. 


Financial Literacy

  • What a credit score consist of 

  • How to improve your credit score

  • The benefits of good credit

  • What kind of credit cards to have


  • How to learn musicality in dance

  • Why is musicality important

  • How to improve Musicality 

  • What type of skill is musicality in dance


  • Learn different types of poems

  • Talk about the pattern of a poem

  • Talk about lines and verses 

  • How to write

  • Identify good poetic techniques


Music Theory & Performance

  • Whats included in music theory 

  • The elements of basic music theory 

  • Elements of performance

Mental Health for Artist

  • 7 Components of mental health 

  • What mental health consist of 

  • What art therapy is mental health is

  • How art connects to mental health 

With professional internship opportunities in film, music, theatre and dance

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