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Hattie Inese

Founder/Creative Director 

Originally from Detroit, MI now living in Orlando, FL, Hattie graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors degree in Retail Business in 2009. Hattie began to explore the world of musical theatre after that.  Deciding to study theatre as a Minor at MSU she dived into the world of theatre by pursuing roles on and off stage. For 10 years Hattie participated in community theatre as well as community dance projects. She taught hip hop for all levels for 5 years in Michigan. July of 2015 she wanted to seek opportunities outside of Michigan so she moved to Orlando, FL. Here is where she decided to officially register her non profit, Creative Purpose Productions.  As the Founder and Creative Director she collaborates with creatives to create content that inspires and uplifts. To be the best at what she is doing she decided to further her education at Full Sail by applying for their Graduate program for Public Relations. “I don’t particularly think of myself as the traditional PR agent. What I do is highlight creatives in my community. Most projects are based on visions I have created. The artist use their gifts to bring my visions to reality.”  As the Creative Director, she creates video content, live productions, as well as programs for the youth. All content  has a message, as she highlights everyday struggles we may face while providing a positive message. “Pursuing this degree will allow me to be the best I can be at what I am doing for the arts community. I want to provide an opportunity to use their gifts to inspire others. Driving home the point we all are here for a purpose.”