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Organize Your Work With Asana!

I understand it can be tough to stay positive during this time. A lot of us are thinking of ways to stay creative and better ourselves as we isolate from one another. As an entrepreneur, I am continuously researching ways to build my brand by educating myself. What better way to educate yourself than to research beneficial tools and resources you can access from your couch!

(Image 1: Asana Application in App Store )

As we get through this pandemic together one can’t help but wonder how things will change once we are over this hump. With that said I believe a lot of thing’s will be different when it comes to how we connect. Technology is a huge aspect in all of our lives, it has been for quite some time. However, it has become our saving grace during this pandemic.

There are a lot of creatives who are fighting to survive during these times. Personally, I have been extremely busy. Between working full time and finally completing a lot of projects in my archive and school, I tend to become overwhelmed. I find being able to organize the projects I’m working on keeps me focused and aligned with my deadlines. After researching ways to better organize my work I discovered an application that is great with organizing projects.

Asana is completely free with unlimited usage accessible from your mobile device as well as desktop (IOS & Android). As a PR professional there is nothing more important than staying organized and up to date on your projects. As the founder of Creative Purpose I play a lot roles, one important role is being the Creative Director for all of our projects. Having an application such as this to keep me organized is extremely beneficial. I collaborate with a lot of creatives. Being able to digitally organize thoughts and tasks for all in one hub would make life so much easier.

This app has the ability to add teammates to projects, allowing you to digitally work as a team to ensure all are on the same page. You’re able to set reminders and even track and share tasks that need to be completed. Break down your work in a list or board layout for yourself and others on the team to see. Communicate with clients and colleagues by sharing announcements or post clarifying questions.

(Image 2: Create & Share tasks)

There are stipulations one has to think about when using this application. There are custom fields you’re able to access via desktop only. However, the benefit is the ability to sync your tasks between your phone and desktop automatically. Also all teammates and clients would need to download the application in order to connect. You can add others to projects by using an email address whether the individual has the application or not. However, it’s best to get everyone on the same page by having all involved download it. Which in my opinion is a small action to take considering the benefits.

Want a great way to organize yourself and keep your teammates and clients in the loop? I encourage you to try this application! What do you have to lose?

(Task Creator Tutorial)


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